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June 27, 2017 (Tue).

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On July 27 and 28th 2017 at the Caesars Suites Las Vegas, TiaraCon will be hosting a two day conference celebrating women in security and technology employment. TiaraCon’s mission is to educate women and supporters on breaking into and succeeding in the field; to create diverse and supportive workplaces; and to change workplace cultures. TiaraCon furthers that mission by creating communities of support and mentoring frameworks.

TiaracCon’s theme for 2017 is ‘Alliances’. Our dialogue this year will emphasize self-advocation, community support, intervention tools, and networking. We celebrate diversity and provide a platform to learn from shared experiences. Speakers will share their experiences in the industry, resume review support will be provided, and there will be a small on-site job fair with networking opportunities for attendees to connect with employers who support inclusive workplaces.

Subjects We’d really like to hear about:

• Stories and lessons learned from companies with exceptional diversity programs about how they made a culture that is inclusive of women
• What it looks like when there is bullying or discrimination in company culture, and how changes can be implemented to address these issues
• Horizontal hostility examples and what can be done to combat it
• How to create cultural change from a person angle and company angle
• Stories of exceptional organizations where women are accepted and celebrated, and what sets them apart
• Diversity Hiring – How do we make it happen, how do we notice and address subconscious bias
• Don’t Talk To HR – Sometimes talking to HR is just not an option. How to identify next steps when things go wrong and find the safest way forward.
• How to deal with situations of sexual harassment, especially situations that don’t hit the ‘bar’ but are just as distressing
• Other Talks based around Women in Security, creating cultural change, and building safe spaces for everyone.

We welcome panels as well as individual speakers. We will have talks between 10am and 6pm on Thursday and Friday between 1:30 and 6pm. These talks will all be 20-25 minute duration.

Mixers will start after 6pm followed by a party on both nights.

We really value your submissions and look forward to hearing you present at TiaraCon!

Additional details to place in the Notes to the Organizers section:

Whether this would be your first time speaking at a conference
Whether or not this talk has been given before at other conferences
Equipment Needs (beyond internet access and A/V equipment)

If the submission is missing any of the above items, it will not be accepted.
We will do our best to accommodate equipment needs, but presenters are responsible for any equipment beyond internet access and A/V equipment provided.

Important Dates
June 1, 2016: CFP Opens
June 21, 2017: First round closes
July 1, 2017: First round notifications sent
July 27-28-, 2017: TiaraCon 2017

Accepted speakers will receive a tee shirt, badge, and a tiara, food while attending the event.

We really value your submissions and look forward to hearing you present at TiaraCon!